An awarded artist, Sultana Raza has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Europe and the US.

Sultana Raza is also the author of numerous poems, short stories, and articles (on art, films, and social, and humanitarian issues) whose works have been published in Canada, the USA, the UK, Luxembourg, North Africa, and India in English and French.

Writer’s Bio

Of Indian origin, Sultana Raza has an MA in English Literature.

Her short stories and poems have been published in Ancient Heart Magazine (Australia), India Currents (USA), Szirine (USA), Kindred Spirit (UK), Cygnus Review (UK), Arabesque Review, London Grip (UK), Literary Gazette (USA), All Things Girls(UK)and Caduceus (Ed. Yale University, USA), Beyond Bree, (an American MENSA newsletter), the Peter Roe Series, (Tolkien Society UK), The Whirlwind Review (USA), Writer’s Asylum (India), Silver Leaves Journal #5 (Canada), New Voices Project, and The New Verse News. A new poem is to appear in Starline Magazine.

Some poems can be read here:


Her articles (on art, film, and humanitarian issues) have appeared in Flick Feast (UK), Sound on Sight (USA), Beyond Bree (an American MENSA newsletter), the Peter Roe Series (Tolkien Society UK), aperturaensembleLe JeudiLuxembourg News, Luxembourg Business, Luxemburger Wort and paperjam in English and French.

Artist’s Bio

An awarded artist, Sultana Raza (India/Luxembourg) has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in the USA and Europe. She has also participated in international art shows, such as the Nightshow at Riccione, Italy, B.AGL Postbanhof during the Berlin Art Week, the Biennale of Chianciano, Italy in 2013; and ArtExpo New York (alongside Andy Warhol), and Art Monaco in 2014. Her art-works have been featured in ‘International Masters Vol. IX’ and ‘The New Collectors’ Book’ 2014, published by Basak Malone LLC, New York USA.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq5tFA3eV_YyeeMU-Uf4A0Q

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sultana.raza.7

For Bio, photos and press articles, click on the link:


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